“We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Steve Cardenas & ISCI Communications for over a decade.  They have always been right on the mark when it comes to our branding & marketing needs, as well as reliably responsive to immediate tasks related to our online & social media presence.

Steve’s creative intuition & talent shows through in all his work.  Thanks to him, we’re very proud of our company image and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in personalized attention & concierge branding/marketing services – especially those in the design & real estate markets, where brand aesthetics are paramount.”

Meeting Steve Cardenas was at the recommendation of a personal coach of mine. Meeting solely based on the trust of my coach, I did not know what to expect. Was I in for a surprise? Steve takes his craft very seriously and in the day and age of graphic and web designers on the fly, I was thoroughly impressed with the journey to get to where I am today with my branding.

Our first initial meeting, I was not too sure if I had made the right decision, I was still recovering from surgery so I let this pass. Steve gave me homework which I abhor and never finished, a lengthy personality test and many questions. I just wanted a damn website and logo. Fast forward few months later, we went through nearly 100 variations of logos and designs to get the finished product.
Nearly eleven months later, I am more than impressed with the final result, get compliments all the time from colleagues and feel my branding differentiates myself from the average agent. While not the easiest to work for, Steve knows what he is doing and the personality test surely helped here.

Steve has definitely earned my business, respect and friendship. I don’t have a designer. I have a marketing team with Steve Cardenas at ISCI Communications. Many thanks Steve.


“Working with ISCI communications has been excellent!  Steve has great ideas and has helped me implement an entire branding and business plan from scratch.  When I initially met with Steve, it was for Branding. BUT I quickly found out he had amazing business ideas that I needed.

Steve Cardenas is not just a Branding Expert, he truly understands what a small business needs to generate more profit.”

“ISCI Communications has been very easy to work with. They listen to my needs and customize a marketing message to fit.

I have referred Steve Cardenas and ISCI Communications to other small businesses in need of a great marketing partner. The are very innovative and professional. Great graphic design.”

“as a result of ISCI communications’ marketing expertise we have experienced a better response to our marketing – we are generating better leads and more leads.  after weeks of no response from our mailers, we were strongly advised by ISCI to produce and distribute a mail piece that generated more response than all the mailers we’ve done, combined.

ISCI has a great ability to provide sound advice as well as make their clients feel they have control through the process.”

“Steve Cardenas of  ISCI communications is a master at all aspects of marketing with an emphasis on the Real Estate/Finance industry. Steve has been instrumental to helping Christine for Title really make an impact with her marketing.

You’re in great hands with Steve.”

“ISCI developed a brand that is, in a word, ME. it introduces me to my communities before i get there, making me incredibly recognizable. people walk into my open houses and say “oh, you’re regina.” clearly this is a result of being familiar with my brand. it also conveys my style both personally and professionally, and it attracts the kind of clients who i work well with. it is truly a distinct, recognizable brand. i can’t thank or recommend ISCI communications enough for doing such a perfect job.

“great communication, steve! day one, we got three responses about coaching. one person is already signing up and i’m following up with another next week! the theme was timely!

thanks…as usual, impactful work!”


“Working with Steve and ISCI Communications was a breeze – fun, easy, productive, collaborative!                                                                                                                                                               .
Steve will work closely with you to develop a sophisticated strategy to branding your company in a way that will attract serious business.”
“ISCI Communications is fantastic.  They are able to take my crazy ideas and turn them into professional finished products.  Their high caliber of works makes my company’s advertising and marketing pieces look like I’m running a Fortune 500 company.  They have been instrumental in the growth of my business.

I highly recommend ISCI Communications to every business owner I know.  They have developed multiple logos for my different companies and they have a great process to help the creative process of coming up with the best final design.  I’ve worked with countless graphic designers over the years and ISCI Communications is hands down the best.”


“Working with ISCI communications on my branding, website and marketing was the best decision I ever made for my business.

They made the process very easy… and fun! I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a fantastic marketing resource.”

“Working with ISCI Communications is like having my own marketing department. It’s awesome. No matter the project, Steve and his dynamic team deliver the goods on budget and on time.
From branding to blogs, mailers and holiday cards, I consistently receive stylish designs and brilliantly-worded copy that allows me to focus on the critical activities necessary to keep my small business growing. Thank you ISCI Communications.”


“I am afraid I have been totally spoiled. Working with ISCI communications, all of my expectations have been and continue to be satisfied — and often exceeded. Thank you!”

“Our experience working with ISCI Communications has been great.  Steve and his team have done a terrific job both of keeping us focused on a marketing message that is client-oriented and producing very creative content for our messaging materials..
 We would absolutely recommend ISCI Communications.  Steve is great —but you need to commit to doing your part to get full value from his assistance.”